The Science Behind Sunbed Technology

Let’s face it, we all love a good tan, that is why we spend a lot of time sun bathing trying to get our skin brown, but what if its winter, no sun but you still want that awesome tan? Or you cannot afford that sunbed for sale that you have seen?Or the tanning in the sun is taking too long and you need instant results. Well worry not scientists are way ahead of you. They invented the Sun bed as the English call it, what you may know as tanning bed. This basically works as an artificial sun to give you a faster tan than the natural light. How exactly does it work you ask? There is a lot of science behind the making of this sun rays so to speak.

Welcome to tanning bed 101.

The tanning bed works by releasing ultra violet radiation (UVR) onto the skin to produce a tan. See the sun produces UVR in 3 wave forms A, B and C named according to o their length A being the longest and the other two follow respectively. UVC is however not used in tanning beds while UVA being dominant at about 95% and UVB at 5%.

Tanning beds use fluorescent lamps known as tanning lamps that have phosphor blends that make it possible for them to release UV in a spectrum almost similar to the sun. There are several types tanning lamps but they can be classified into 2 major categories; high pressure which are more expensive and generate mainly UVA rays and low pressure ones which are more common.

One lays on a tanning bed and when the rays are released into the skin they stimulate the melanocytes on the upper skin to produce melanin which gives you that glowing brown skin, the more the rays the more the tanning on the skin. The reason why tanning beds work faster than the natural sun light is merely because of distance, the sun is millions of miles from us while the rays from the tanning bulbs are just next to the skin hence a faster and tanner look.

Tanning beds are awesome alright but they don’t come without health effects. UVB lights are known for causing skin cancer such as melanoma and although this is also gotten from natural sunlight most tanning beds produce more UVB light than the sun ray. UVA rays that are dominantly used are associated with skin damaging such a wrinkling, age spots and fine lines. People who visit tanning salons are therefore more expose to skin problem as opposed to those who choose to use the normal process. It is therefore advisable to use the tanning beds wisely and avoid over using them to avoid having to suffer later on. A good tan is not worth your health and life.

The tanning bed despite the many criticism we have to agree is a great invention to the cosmetic industry and now that you are aware of its pros and cons you can choose whether or not to make that visit to a tanning a salon. The decision is entirely up to you.

Healthy Breakfasts

Busy lives and hectic schedules can sometimes mean no breakfast, or even breakfast on the go, which generally serves up a few greasy options. However, it does not require being so. We should be eating healthy meals at all times if all day energy greens and plenty of fruit too.

Here are 4 quick picks for healthy breakfasts which experts say will get you filled as well as fueled for the busy day.

1. Whole wheat toast with avocado

How about relishing easy whole wheat toast along with some avocado on top? Studies have proved that avocados may aid reduce cholesterol, whilst providing that bland bread a tasty kick.

2. Overnight oats

Next we are going to talk about “overnight oats”. Yes, while we know that those instant packets can be nutritious, they are full of preservatives or added sugar. For the overnight oats, put several steel cut oats into a jar and after adding some milk allow them to sit overnight. Tap with some fruits or nuts, and you’ve got a scrumptious meal.

3. Eggs

We all are aware of the fact that eggs are jam-packed with vitamins, protein, and minerals. If you are watching your cholesterol, you must skip the yolks, but you have to miss out on some of the essential nutrients.

4. Shake-up a smoothie

Lastly, prepare a smoothie. Begin with milk, a milk substitute, or water. Add some fruits and even try throwing in some veggies like kale or spinach. The fruits’ sweetness should easily overpower the greens.

3 Tips to Lower Cholesterol

This article will give you a head start and provide five easy ways to lower your cholesterol fast. You will have all seen from body fat pictures, that too much cholesterol and other fats not only makes you look fat but is also something that can make you unhealthy on the inside as well.

1) Drink more Distilled or Spring Water.

When we often times think of water, we understand that it is a highly essential part of our lives. Without enough of it bodily organs cannot function properly and suffer health consequences. The issue, with a concentration on cholesterol, is that without enough water daily your body is not able to flush itself and get rid of excess cholesterol.

2) Think about Medications from your Doctor.

As a medical doctor I get asked many questions concerning medications that help to reduce cholesterol levels. The one thing I tell my patients is that they should not always focus on pharmaceuticals for health. Those drugs will in fact lower cholesterol over time, but they also have various affects on your body.

3) Increase your Physical Activities Outdoors.

Daily exercise is well known to help keep our bodies in shape and functioning properly. It is best for you to get at least 30 to 40 minutes each day preferably outdoors. The reasoning behind the outdoors approach is that you get your sunlight vitamin D as well as fresh air in your lungs.

Legendary People That Died From Disease

The world mourns the death of great people who left a mark made during their lifetime. Their deaths might have been untimely and the most unexpected. We are going to feature some of the legends whom their death was caused by disease.

Michael Jackson.

Born in Indiana USA, Michael Jackson died at the age of 51 years. He was known for being a film maker, composer, record producer, and majorly a musician who made him widely known for his dance moves. He had been suffering from a disease known as Lupus which is autoimmune. One’s own immune system attacks normal healthy tissues. It also UV light sensitivity on the skin which is the main reason M.J was mostly seen wearing sun glasses and hats. His death is said to be one of the world’s saddest deaths.

Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa a Roman Catholic nun, who lived in Calcutta India, was born in Macedonia in 1910. She was known for her numerous acts of Charity which she established in many places all over the world including a hospice for the blind, disabled and old and international mission of Charity. In 1979 she won the Nobel peace prize for having stretched a helping hand to the less fortunate. She died in 1997 at the age of 87 years after deteriorating health conditions after suffering heart lung and kidney problem. She is to date marked as the world’s most charitable woman.

Nelson Mandela.

A Philanthropist, politician, and a retired president of the republic of South Africa, became a legend because of his persistent intent to fight racism and bring racial reconciliation among the blacks and whites. His will also earned him 27 years imprisonment in Roben Island. Making him not only an African legend but worldwide legend. He died at the age of 95 years old in 2013 after suffering from respiratory infection.

These are just a few of the known legends who lost their battle to live to diseases but their legendary deeds and acts are always remembered. Each of the above will no doubt have an online tribute or two and it is very understandable as to why.

Top Foods for Mental Strength

In modern society, when the number of white-collar workers is increasing whereas manual jobs decline significantly, human brain must work much more than before. Thus, this article will mention about some of the Best Foods for Mental Strength. It helps to improve not only your health but also your brain.

1. Orange:

The first thing is a kind of fruit- orange. Orange is a delicious fruit. Also, it contains a plenty of vitamin A, B1, C and many other important minerals to brain. Moreover, eating oranges usually will strengthen your resistance and eliminate toxins out of your bodies as well.

Beside this, it also has positive effects on mental abilities such as: help your mind become perspicacious and excited. Also, it could reduce your stress and tiredness. That is why orange is a good meal for students under the examination or employees being under stress. You should add this food into your daily intakes now.

2. Corn:

Secondly, corn can supply brain with many beneficial substances. In corn, we can find many essential fatty acids and unsaturated acids; therefore, it could protect our brain and decrease the amount of fat in blood. Especially, the amount of glutamic acid in corn is high so it stimulates brain cells to move and exchange information continuously.

Eating corn a couple of times a week will help you have a healthy brain, especially eating fresh corn.

3. Peanut:

Our brain needs 2 substances: lecithin and phospholipids to maintain operating well. These substances are found to be abundant in peanut. Beside this, they assist to lengthen the living span of nerve cells and prevent the condensation of blood plaques.

According to many experimental researches, people eating a moderate quantity of peanut in their daily meals are healthier. The reason is that peanut helps to strengthen blood circulation, improve memory and resist to aging process.

4. Fish:

Fish is the Best Foods for Mental Strength, especially for the elderly. According to many studies, people eating much fish have better memory and ability of concentration as well as have better communication abilities.

With pregnant women, eating fish from the fourth to sixth month helps babies’ brain develop completely.

Although nutritious, you should not eat more than 80 grams fish every day.

5. Milk:

Cow milk is considered as one of the Best Foods for Mental Strength. This milk contains many proteins, Calcium and other essential substances for your brain. Especially, drinking milk every day is a method to supply Calcium fast and efficiently.

If you are under high pressure of work and it makes you be insomniac, you should try to drink a glass of warm milk at night; it will help you have a deep and easy sleep.

6. Millet:

The amount of vitamin B1 and B2 found in millet is one and a half time more than in rice. Moreover, it contains many essential substances for your brain such as a substantial amino acid so that it helps to maintain the operation of brain cells as well as decrease the aging process.

7. Pineapple:

Pineapple is full of vitamin C and manganese so it is considered as a kind of food that can improve your memory. Likewise, it helps you relax your nerves and blood circulates easily in vein.

Each of the above foods are brilliant at giving you additional mental strength but there are also a nuber of natural supplements or even drugs like Modifinil that can give you an added push too. In fact a Modifinil purchase will pretty much guarantee a massive improvement in how clearly you think and help with any sleeping problems that you might have as well.

Top Ways to Get Fit


As you will learn from authorities such as the Missouri board of registration for the healing arts, it is always important to try and stay in great shape and be fit and healthy and there are some great ways to do it. Whether it is through swimming, running, or walking, you can keep in good shape whilst having some good fun at the same time.

1. Dancing

When you step to the dance floor, start moving your feet to the beat of the music and you will realize that it is such a fun thing to do.

2. Swimming

Summer is usually the best time to hit the beach. The pristine white sand and the sparkling blue water are both wonderful elements that enhance the vibe of the summer heat.

3. Cross Country Biking

Biking is a great exercise for your legs. While you bike, you go to different places. Exploring cities and visiting beautiful spots are great moments to reminisce. If you ever experience any lower back pain it is very important that you stop.

4. Hiking

Hiking is definitely enjoyable, exciting and enduring. When you hike, you walk at long distances. Just make sure you bring water along with you in case you get thirsty.

5. Aerobic Dancing

Get into the gym and do some aerobic dancing. Aerobics is full of fun. Stretching those arms and legs while dancing with the music for an hour will surely make you feel great.

All of the above exercises are not only great for but can all be fun as well. Just make sure that you take regular breaks and always drink plenty of fluids as you do not want to overdo things.

All of the above are great exercises or you could opt to go for something such as a Zumba workout to really get the juices flowing.

Music to Workout to

No matter what form of exercise you are doing, you may well find that you get a lot more motivation by listening to some music. How many times do you see joggers running by with earphones in? The same can be said when you go to the gym and many of those working out are listening to music in their ears.

It does not matter whether you are listening to some rock, pop or have download Ghana music to stay trendy as any type of music will help to not only motivate but also put you in a good mood!

In fact, many studies have actually shown that music is good for your health as well in many ways.

just make sure that the music is something that you like and something that really does keep you motivated and your experience when working out will be elevated.

What to do if you Suffer a Head Injury


Suffering a head and brain injury can be quite traumatizing for the person concerned, and if its effects are serious it can be long lasting. Our brain is our primary means of communicating with the world, and any form of injury in the head can drastically alter our everyday life, forcing us to make changes to our lifestyles. People can suffer head injuries in road traffic accidents, assaults, and falls.

Head and brain injuries can occur anytime and anywhere and when they do, it is not like you can just go to an online headshop and get another one. The full impact on the brain will depend on the severity of the accident. For instance, the sudden impact of being hit by another car in a road traffic accident can have long lasting implications. You may not notice a change of significance at first; however it is possible that your brain may have sustained an injury.

The treatment of head injuries is a long and intensive process. Head and brain injuries are not easily repairable, and failure to act quickly to treat the injury can lead to long term complications. Therefore it is always advisable to get immediate medical attention following your accident, to prevent the injury from becoming worse.

You might have to have some hair removed but it will grow back eventually and if you are worried if there are any laser hair removal side effects, you really shouldn’t be.

Making a head injury claim

For your head and brain injury claim to be successful, it will have to be shown that the person you are making a claim against owed you a duty of care, and that the duty of care was breached. If you have suffered a head and brain injury in an accident on the road, or at work, our specialist solicitors should be able to advise you on your next course of action.

Using A Home Fire Safety Code For Fire Prevention


The specialists at the fire station are called Fire Prevention Officers. Fire prevention officers frequently give talks on fire prevention techniques at schools, work places and seminars. It is also frequently possible to have a one-on-one interview with a fire prevention officer and they will also visit you in your home for more specific advice in some areas.

For example, older houses tend to have more timber in them and smaller windows which means that it might catch fire more easily, it might burn faster and it may be more difficult to escape from because of the smaller windows, which might even be jammed.

Only to give you an concept of what a building’s fire code can be like, I will give some instances below. You can apply some of these concepts to the ‘fire code’ for your home, depending on what type of building you occupy.

Firstly, buildings in many countries have maximum occupancy numbers for each residential building, especially for commercially rented buildings. You may not just keep partitioning rooms in order to cram in more occupants (and get more rent). This maximum is a strict law and must be adhered to.

If you live in or rent out a commercial property, then all exits ought to be clearly marked with lit signs which can be seen through smoke. This is very important for your home fire prevention needs. They also have to have a battery back-up in case the cables are burned through. These buildings also have to have a particular number of fire extinguishers and there may even have to be several different sorts, eg: water hoses, sand buckets, fire blankets and regular extinguishers.

There also have to be smoke detectors and a building-wide fire alarm system. Ensure that flammable supplies are stored in a safe location and that fire drills are carried out regularly. Everybody must know their muster spot and which doors should be closed and which ones left open.

3 Quick Tips on How to Sleep Better


Sleeping is one area of health that entails quality. A good sleep will not only lead to good health but also to an energetic day. Sleeping schedule, what you eat at night will always determine the kind of sleep you will have. Have a good diet, sleep early and have a friendly environment to enable waking up fresh.

Good sleep is also known to be very effective for keeping us looking healthy as well as actually being healthy. It is good for all aspects of our health, even skin health, so those wondering how to get rid of acne might just have to get regular sleep to see improvements.

Check out these three simple tips for getting better quality sleep:

-You will realize that if you stick to a consistent sleeping and waking up habit, then you will automatically have a permanent way of organizing your daily schedules.

-Diet is also another factor. At night it’s advisable to always take a light meal to enable easier digestions when you are a sleep. These include having coffee and snacks and avoiding heavy and acidic meals.

-Exercise also helps in relaxing your brain and blood circulation. With a good exercise then be assured of having a wonderful sleep. Have a plan in the morning before your duties some joggings and pushups and sit ups will help a lot.

Additionally, be sure to make use of the many resources that can be found online if you are still struggling to get any sleep. Health websites will generally have lots of advice but if you are still having problems it might be worth a trip to the doctor.

Cana lack of Sleep Cause Acne?

Whenever we have issues, whether it is with acne or any other problem in our body, it is often just a way of our body trying to tell us that something is going on underneath the surface. This is probably why doctors are unable to pinpoint really what the actual causes are. They may even say that it has to do with hormonal changes that occur within the body or perhaps it is hereditary, but many naturalists will agree, it is only outward signed that something else is going on under the surface.

Anyone who deals with acne and other skin problems knows that the answer to these unwanted problems is not necessarily going to be found in medical science. This is not where we may get the answers that we need to get truly rid of these skin problems.

We need more than just a treatment for the symptoms. We need to get to the source of the problems instead of just treating the symptoms. , Getting plenty of exercises, Eating a proper diet and making sure that we stay hydrated on a regular basis are all ways of dealing with the problem of acne. What many of us skip, however, is the fact that we need proper rest to eliminate the problem for good.

Have you ever heard the saying taking a beauty nap? This is not just simply a saying, but it is factual that proper rest increases skin’s efficacy. Your cells also rejuvenate quicker at night. Proper rest and sleep have so much great benefits for our skincare. If you have trouble getting to sleep, perhaps you could try to watch free movies online to make you feel tired?

It has been said that most of us need anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep every night to be properly be rested. Unfortunately, many of us don’t feel that we can get this amount of sleep on a daily basis. A lack of sleep is going to cause a lot of changes in our body, and these changes may show up in the form of acne. It is necessary for us to get additional sleep on a daily basis or to make the sleep that we are getting better through suitable supplementation.

This rest doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with our sleeping pattern, but it is, rather, a period that we can spend to ourselves to reflect or just to get away from the stresses of daily life. Most people don not realize the role stress plays in problem skin. Inquire from anybody that has scalp acne and they will quickly tell you that stress will make that condition much worse.

Getting plenty of sleep on a regular basis and taking a little bit of time to yourself to unwind is beneficial for your problem skin. Make sure that you get in the habit of doing these things for yourself and you would be surprised with how much of a difference it will make.

Tips for Creating a Responsive Website Design

If you want your website to look great on a variety of devices, then you need these tips for creating a responsive website design. When building and designing a site, you can’t ignore the fact that many people are going to be viewing your site on their phones, tablets, or even TVs. If users have trouble on these devices, there’s a good chance that they’re not coming back. Responsive design is essential to success but it may be easier said than done. Use these tips to make your sites more responsive than ever.

Responsive Web Design

Clean Design

The first thing to think of when building a responsive site is its simplicity. Designers love to show that they can do a huge range of work with the site. However, over-designing may look great on a desktop but it’s going to be impossible to navigate on other screens. The key is to keep your designs simple and streamlined. How exactly do you use this principle? Use a simple reset stylesheet and a simple and semantic core layout. For critical elements like navigation and menus, use simple techniques. If you run into any criticism, explain this concept to your clients.

Define Breakpoints

Common resolutions can be sorted into six major breakpoints to fit a variety of screens. If you only want the major ones, you can target smartphones, major tablets, and screens by using the <480px, <768px, and >768px stylesheets. These are the essentials which will make your site fairly responsive. If you have the time then you may want to use these three additional stylesheets: <320px, >768px and <1024px, and >1024px. When designing, focus on the major breaks first as this is going to be the majority of your viewers.

Make Flexible Layouts

A flexible grid uses columns to organize content and a relative, rather than fixed, width to adapt the viewpoint size. By building a fluid layout, your site will be ready for any type of screen size and orientation. There are some great grid systems available online that you can use as guides. Use them in your design to adapt to any screen.

Create Optimized Images

When building design layouts, create optimized images for each layout. This will help you by reducing scaling and bandwidth issues. The best formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG-8 file formats. It’s recommended that you avoid using PNG as it can bloat file sizes by up to 10 times. Make sure to use exact measurements with your images as well. This step eliminates scaling and preserves image quality.

Start with Mobile

Although not always needed, it can be beneficial to build the mobile site first and then scale up and build the tablet and desktop designs. One of the primary concerns for all three of these designs is going to be the logo and text. However, the reason why this strategy works is that if the text can be read on the mobile device, then you shouldn’t have any issues with the tablet and desktop.

With these tips for responsive design, your sites will be more popular and easier to navigate. To see these principles in action, compare and contrast sites on a variety of your own devices to see the best and worst examples. Although it all sounds very technical, SEO very rarely requires the help from IT support Toronto or anywhere else for that matter. SEO can be picked up by yourself or outsourced to SEO specialists.